Back pain is the largest single cause of sickness absence from work, and for many people, it can be a chronic problem. At least half of people with back pain have recurring problems. ​

Dr TCM clinics have been treating the back pain problem for nearly 20 years, and have accumulated abundant clinical experiences, and have proudly helped thousands of customers to beat the back and neck pains. We will be very pleased to help if you suffer any of these pains. Take care of your back & enjoy a good life.

A study in the British Medical Journal found that taking a course of acupuncture treatment offered a significant benefit to back pain suffers, and is cost effective in the long term. Acupuncture combined with cupping and massage also offer the very effective pain relief for Stiff Neck and Shoulder Pain, Tennis Elbow, Sciatica, Disordered joint, Ligament damage, Rheumatic Arthritis, Bell’s Palsy, Sports Injury and Migraine.



Chinese medicine may be used on its own or in combination with IVF or other forms of assisted reproduction. In a recent study, Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture have been shown to result in a high success rate of pregnancy in infertile couples (Journal of Chinese Medicine 2006; 80; 20-8). It has shown improvements in quality and number of eggs and in the thickness of the uterine wall, all of which could help to explain its success. 

Chinese medicine treatment is tailored to you as an individual. The practitioner will take note of your medical history, the characteristics of your menstrual cycle and your general health. The aim of treatment will be to regulate the cycle and support ovulation or implantation. A minimum of three months’ treatment can be expected in the case of unexplained infertility. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine’s view of the body places little emphasis on anatomical structures but is mainly concerned with the identification of functional entities.



"I gave up smoking almost two years ago thanks to acupuncture. First I had a 45-minute massage and then the acupuncture, which was incredibly relaxing. I didn’t even feel the needles. My acupuncturist left four little ball-like pellets on pressure points in one ear (they’re stuck on with little clear plasters; you can’t see them). She said to leave them there until they fell off after about a week.The theory is that they are placed on various pressure points that have different points that have different effects on the mind and body. One of my points was for will power. So every time you feel a cigarette you squeeze one of these points and then the craving goes away. I went back for a follow-up appointment (£45 each time) two weeks later. She did the same again, but this time she left the pellets in my other ear. After a couple of weeks, the cravings disappeared and I was able to go out and socialise with smoking friends without needing a cigarette.

Bibi Lang, Sales and Marketing Manager


Drinking slimming tea is one of the most effective ways to achieve weight loss. The Lushanjiu (green999) herbal tea bags, high-quality green tea blended with other natural herbal ingredients, is a tasty slimming tea infusion. It is helpful of removing the excessive fat in the body, and of lowering the blood pressure and cholesterol; aiding digestion, stomach and intestinal functions, promoting metabolism, reducing water retention, and acts as a detox tea eliminating toxins. 

Drinking tea twice daily and a 3 months course is highly recommended.  

Each box of tea is £12 (20 tea bags), and 3 boxes (one month supply) is £36  



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